El Tejate is a restaurant known for its authentic southern Mexican cuisine. It has a nice and colorful ambiance and has wooden décor. The wall mounted pictures and brickwork add to that décor. The service staff is friendly and attentive. Popular menu entrées at El Tejate include the mixed tlayuda, botana de memelitas, chilaquiles rojos and enrijoladas. Other menu entrées that patrons recommend are the chips and salsa, nachos, rice and beans and empandas. The patrons also have a choice of vintage wine and select beers for complimenting their meals. For entertainment, El Tejate restaurant has free wifi services and TVs where the patrons can enjoy the game while they eat and drink.


Our Chef

She has been cooking with the original recipes 10 years ago and…


Tejate, a traditional Oaxacan drink made from maize, cacao, mamey seeds, and other ingredients all handmade is a labor-intensive preparation. And that’s an understatement.  From the hand-shelling of cacao and the grinding of the nixtamal  to the serving, takes several hours.